Wimbledon, more Matteo Berrettini than Nadal: Medvedev’s opinion

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More Berrettini than Nadal at Wimbledon.

There is already great anticipation for what may happen at the London Slam, where, however, Russian and Belarusian tennis players will not be able to compete. Among them is also Daniil Medvedev, a luxury absentee from Wimbledon, so he has already been able to issue his predictions with all the peace of mind.

He did so during an interview for ‘El Diario de Mallorca’. And here Medvedev compiled his personal ranking of who he expects to win at Wimbledon. With one name, in particular, standing higher than in the past. “The favorite is always Novak Djokovic, who after all has won the last three editions of Wimbledon. Rafael Nadal can also win anytime, anywhere. But on this surface the one who is able to perform at the absolute level is Matteo Berrettini,” is the Russian’s analysis.

“So the favorites to win Wimbledon this year are these three. And I put them in this order, Djokovic in front and then Berrettini and Nadal,” Medvedev concluded.

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