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The latest news from Serie A, Legadue and Euroleague

Series A, Venice and Pistoia win

The Lagooners overwhelmed Scafati and hooked Virtus Bologna and Brescia, the Tuscans won at the buzzer with Tortona away from home on a triple by a monstrous Willis.

Olimpia Milan, fans raise their voices

“The moment is what it is, they thought the team had found itself again after the wins with Efes, Venice and Red Star but evidently on the court and on the bench there is still work to be done.”

Luca Banchi enjoys third place

“It’s important to win a game like this, it’s something we really needed, to show that this is the way we can compete in a very difficult tournament like this.”

Ettore Messina revisits ghosts in Belgrade

“We face the team with the second-largest offense in the EuroLeague, which has great talent in the outfield, and is used to exalt themselves in front of their audience.”