Inter, Giuseppe Marotta reassures on Simone Inzaghi’s confirmation

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Inter, Giuseppe Marotta reassures on Simone Inzaghi’s confirmation

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta’s CEO Giuseppe Marotta è spoke at the ’Il Foglio event at San Siro” and talked about both the Scudetto just won by the Biscione, which è earned the club its second star, and President Steven Zhang, saying that he confirmed that he wants to remain at the helm of the Nerazzurri company, and the reappointment of Simone Inzaghi. Here are Marotta’s words.

"The first image that comes to my mind are those 95' played the other night that certainly made us see different scenarios until the last corner kick. Then when è it was all over, è we ran out of steam and let go. We are recognized champions of Italy, we won the second star and è something really extraordinary".

"Clearly we have to recognize the important role of the coach and the team, who had a strong company behind them. È came out a winning model and we are very proud of that. The technical leadership of Simone Inzaghi is absolutely not in question and we will sit at the table with President Zhang for reappointment. Among the 12 newcomers, Thuram è was the one who surprised us the most, but everyone proved to be up to the task".

"The refinancing? È is not an issue for Inter but for the owner, so I am sure he will give official news shortly. I can reassure everyone that Steven Zhang has confirmed the will to continue, we are proud to be with him. He has understood what it means to be president, protecting us but letting us work, so I am aware we will come to a positive conclusion".

"Zhang as an intelligent person has understood that in the first person he cannotò act on everything and has entrusted us with that concept of delegation that helps us work. Then è always in the know, we are responsible for everything we have done: if there's something wrong, it means that è it&#39s our fault".

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