Brescia stays on top: beat Tortona

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 Germani Brescia-Bertram Derthona Tortona 72-65

At the A2A PalaLeonessa, Germani Brescia won against Bertram Derthona Tortona with the result of 72-65 and remained at the top of the standings, with 38 points, while the Piedmontese team remains stuck at 26, in eighth position.

Kenny Gabriel opens the scoreboard with a 3-0 run for Brescia, while for Tortona Strautins scores the first basket. Petrucelli brings Brescia to +3, but Tortona responds with a 0-8 partial led by Ross and Obasohan, taking the lead to +5 (10-5 at 6’). Gabriel reduces the gap, but Kamagate maintains the lead for Tortona. Bilan contributes with free and assist for Cournooh, reducing the gap to 11-12 at 9’. With a Baldasso play and a dunk by Bilan, the first quarter ends 13-14.

At the start of the second quarter, Germani scores a 4-0 partial with a Cournooh triple and a Massinburg free throw, putting it ahead 17-14 at 11'11;. Tortona struggled to score, while Akele’s basket increased the lead to 19-14 for Brescia. However, Brescia's offense falters and Tortona ties it at 19 with a 5-0 run. The score remains balanced until Petrucelli with a triple makes it +3 for Germani, but Dowe with a triple ties it for Tortona, leading Magro to call a timeout (26-26 at 17'). With a quick counterattack, Strautins brings Tortona ahead, but Della Valle draws from the line. With a succession of triples, first by Dowe and Petrucelli for parity and then Ross for Tortona, the first half ends 33-36.

In the start of the third period, Christon with two quick penetrations brings Germani ahead 37-36, forcing a timeout Coach De Raffaele. Kamagate, with a dunk, puts Tortona back ahead. Back-and-forth with the two teams untilé Baldasso does not score, making it 41-42 at the 24’. Magro gets a technical foul and Baldasso increases Tortona’s lead with a free throw to make it 41-43. Germani, losing balls, fails to score, and Tortona widens the gap to +5 with a triple by Dowe (41-46 at 26’). Germani shortens with Massinburg and Burnell, but Tortona, with Candi, preserves the lead. Brescia intensifies the offense, tying with Burnell. Candi strikes again, but Akele with a dunk ties the score at 50 at the end of the third quarter.

Captain Della Valle scored first in the fourth period, leading Germani, but Tortona quickly tied the score at 52-52 with Kamagate. Next, a 7-0 run by Magro’s men pushes Germani ahead by 7 points, causing De Raffaele’s timeout (59-52 at 33'). Kamagate responds with one free throw on two, and Burnell increases the lead to +8. However, Tortona does not retreat and reduces the gap to -2 with a 6-0 run (62-60 at 36'). Akele increases Germani’s lead to +4 from the line, but Baldasso keeps Tortona at -2. Germani extends the lead to +7 with a three-point play by Petrucelli and a basket by Christon (69-62 at 38'). Kamagate shortens for Tortona with a free, but with less than 90 seconds, Dowe reduces to -4. Finally, Della Valle and Akele’s dunk sealed the match for Germani, which won 72-65.

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