Ayrton Senna, the dramatic words of the doctor who rescued him on that tragic day

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Thirty’years ago the death of Ayrton Senna

Giovanni Gordini, at the time 118 doctor in charge of rescue, with Il Resto del Carlino recalled the tragic death of Ayrton Senna, who lost his life on May 1, 1994 from the consequences of a terrible accident on the Imola track.

"There’d already been an accident, I had gone so close to the stands: after the first start, there’d been a stop, then the second start. I had a vespino and, moving off the circuit, I managed to get in from the nets just a little further ahead at Tamburello" he said.

"Colleagues were already starting treatment. There’was Sid Watkins, Fia’s chief medical officer: you could hear Senna breathing on his own. He was alive and the procedures to stabilize him had not yet been completed. Since we had a helicopter around, we agreed with Watkins to land him there’nearby" added Gordini.

"The CT scan was devastating,” the doctor continued.

We immediately saw everything dramatic that was there, including the damage done by the suspension arm, the fracture of the skull base, where the skull articulates with the neck. Hemorrhages flowed from there. Devastating".

"We tried everything. But after a while it was seen that the’encephalogram was flat. It was documentation of brain death: it was unobjectionable. Unfortunately. Poor Ayrton" the conclusion by Gordini.

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