Paolo Nicolato has no doubts about Marco Carnesecchi’s future

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The Azzurrini coach predicts a brilliant career for the goalkeeper

Paolo Nicolato, at the microphones of ‘Teleradiostereo,’ took stock of the situation of his Under 21 team and, among other topics, focused on goalkeeper Marco Carnesecchi: among the protagonists of Cremonese’s promotion to Serie A and about to return to Atalanta at the end of his loan, he is sought at the level of soccer market by ambitious clubs such as Lazio.

“He is a goalkeeper that I have been carrying around for many years, he has always offered very high level performances,” said the Azzurrini coach, “I believe he deserves important stages: I am convinced that for personality, for occupation of the goal, for character, he has a bright future ahead of him.

“He can play in any stadium without any kind of fear, he looks more experienced than his age,” Nicolato concluded.

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