F1, Marko scuttles Ferrari: “It’s a domination”

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Red Bull adviser no-nonsense: “An incredible season, Ferrari car at the limit”

Red Bull executive Helmut Marko at the microphones of Motorsport exults over the first part of the season of the Austrian team, which after the retirements of the first races seems to be now launched in the overall Formula 1 standings: “Seven wins in nine races: it’s a domination. We are having an incredible season. Normally in the first half of the season we were always behind, but now we are leading both rankings.”

“It’s fundamental to finish races and avoid reliability problems, and it’s always a problem when you have a car as on the limit as Ferrari,” he continued. “The only one that doesn’t have any retirements yet because of technical problems is Mercedes, but in some races they had to raise the car off the ground to avoid overheating. Perez’s retirement? The problem is in the gearbox. The engine seems fine. Until we open the car it’s hard to say, but I think so.”

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