Bardiani Csf Faizanè, Filippo Zana on the roof of Italy

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Filippo Zana champion of Italy

Filippo Zana is the new Italian road champion. The tricolor heir of the great Sonny Colbrelli is another athlete launched by Bardiani CSF Faizanè into professionalism, letting him grow and mature, with progressive responsibilities until today’s great success.

237 km run on the attack by Bardiani CSF Faizanè protagonist first on the attack with Martinelli, Marcellusi and Tarozzi in the first action of the day. When the group got closer, some athletes started to counter-attack and got back on the breakaway, among them Samuele Zoccarato and Filippo Zana who took the right action to get back on the escapees.

So five remained on the attack, among them Filippo Zana, many attempts behind them, among them Filippo Baroncini, tailed by Filippo Fiorelli who is ready to play the sprint in case of return on the fugitives.

Filippo Zana wins, over Rota and Battistella. Behind them 6th Filippo Fiorelli.

The rider from Veneto spoke after the feat: “An incredible success that I didn’t even expect this morning with the heat, just as I didn’t expect to win the sprint, but instead I succeeded in the feat and I’m really excited and happy about it for the team as well as for me. We raced all day with the knife between our teeth, present in every action, wanting to win or at least trying to win by being present in turn in every action. I went away on the attack with 50 km to go and felt good. I took the sprint on the wheel of Rota who started at 300 meters and managed to beat him in the sprint, so far the most important of my career. I dedicate this success to the team that launched me and then supported me, my family, my girlfriend, my manager, trainer and all those who supported me even in times that were not easy when my leg did not turn as I would have liked. One last request to Alè Cycling. Last year with Sonny Colbrelli they made a beautiful jersey, I expect mine to be just as beautiful, wearing the tricolor all year long will be an emotion that I still cannot fully imagine.”

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