Mattia Binotto, another mistake besides the tire one

©Getty Images

The words of Mattia Binotto

The strategy error related to hard tires was not Mattia Binotto’s only one during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The team principal of the Rossa, who in the post-race sent the accusations back to the sender by pointing out how the car was not going well even before (a thesis, moreover, already refuted by Charles Leclerc, who until the last pit stop was quite happy with the pace he had), let slip a few words earlier that, reviewed in retrospect, make one think.

In fact, Binotto was interviewed during the GP by Sky UK journalists, specifically on lap 26. He was asked if he was worried about the pace of Verstappen, who was quickly climbing back up from tenth place, but his answer was negative: “No, his pace is as good as ours.” And we all know how that turned out later….

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