Shaquille O’Neal attacks an NBA star

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Durant asked to be traded to Brooklyn Nets

The market is not only alive in soccer, but also in NBA basketball. And one of the players with the future still in the balance is certainly Kevin Durant, who has asked for a transfer to the Brooklyn Nets.

Something that does not sit well with Shaquille O’Neal, NBA champion in Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. In a radio address Shaq was unabashed: “When you build a house, you should also live in it. As a leader his job would be to make it work, but maybe he doesn’t want to. He’d rather go to a team that’s already done. It’s easier that way.”

It was a direct attack by O’Neal, with perhaps not so veiled reference to Durant’s decision to move in 2016 to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s Golden State Warriors, with whom he won two NBA rings.

Over the past three seasons, where he has also been on the floor quite a bit due to injury, Durant has never achieved much with the Brooklyn Nets.

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