Filippo Ganna unveils his plans for the future

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The words of Filippo Ganna

Filippo Ganna, having archived the Tour de France, is already ready to get back in the saddle.

“On August 14, I should ride the European road race in Monaco. Then I will be at the World Championships. I should participate in both the time trial and the road race. With Ineos, however, I would like to win the Paris-Roubaix in 2023.”

To Gazzetta dello Sport Ganna also recalled the past: “Winning the Olympic gold medal was a beautiful emotion that will remain forever in my heart and tattooed on my skin but one cannot live on memories. The bar has to be set higher and higher.”

Closing remarks on Giro and Tour: “The Giro d’Italia has a very hard gradient, but it is the riders who make the race. The Tour de France experience left me with scars and fatigue, but the last day in Paris was good. I’m pissed about the time trial on the first stage, because it was the only rainy day out of three weeks of racing. But still it was there for everyone.”

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