Lazio, Maurizio Sarri reveals the secret of the drone

©Getty Images

Credit goes to a friend of Accardi’s

In a lengthy interview with Corriere dello Sport, Sarri addressed many issues. The Biancoceleste coach also wanted to reiterate how he was the first to employ the drone during training (during his Empoli adventure).

“It was really casual. For two months we had been shooting on the roof of the stand to frame the defensive line and check the alignments of the four. But at a certain point the observation was diagonal and therefore imperfect, inaccurate, useless. A friend of Accardi’s, who held a license to use drones, told us it would be easy for him to provide the ideal service-and that was exactly what I wanted. Today, everyone uses drones: you can show the guys images from above and intervene to correct whoever made the wrong movement, delayed or anticipated,” Sarri’s own words.

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