F1 Ferrari, Felipe Massa stings Charles Leclerc: “So wrong”

©Getty Images

Former Ferrari man Felipe Massa: “It won’t help the team if it starts an internal struggle now.”

Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa on Sky’s microphones goaded Charles Leclerc for his behavior towards the team after a few Grands Prix ended badly: “He is definitely not happy, but he has to be patient: if he starts a fight now, he will not help the team.”

According to the former Brazilian driver, Leclerc must behave as a leader and not show his frustrations in public: “Even if you are not happy with the decisions, with the mistakes that are happening, you have to fight the right way, professionally. Don’t show it to the outside because if you start showing yourself to the outside, you don’t help the team. They have made so many mistakes but a fight on the outside will not help them.”

On Binotto: “He is a very good engineer, he is very professional. He understands a lot from a technical point of view. I also like him as a person. But in the end you understand that the result is not coming as it should. So we can’t blame him at all, but we have to say that he is part of it. It definitely takes a little more calm in decision-making, understanding what is not working.”

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