Fiorentina, there is something Vincenzo Italiano doesn’t quite like

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An overall positive assessment, but there is no shortage of criticism.

Vincenzo Italiano certainly cannot rejoice at the 0-0 draw his Fiorentina collected in Empoli, despite numerical superiority. And he explains it from the Castellani in a press conference without mincing words.

“On the level of regret, worse this one even than last year. Although we played a great game, involving the whole squad, and I am very happy about that. But I am regretful, because twice in numerical superiority we were not able to go in goal,” Italiano explained.

“It is not possible for a team like ours not to take advantage of opportunities like that,” continued the Fiorentina coach. “However, I see a really fantastic group, and I can only be overjoyed about that. Jovic angry? He was not with me, but with himself. Of this I am certain, because a striker who does not score can only have anger in his body.”

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