Fabio Liverani takes stock of Marko Rog and Nahitan Nandez

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Fabio Liverani takes stock of Marko Rog and Nahitan Nandez

Cagliari will take on Spal on Saturday night. Fabio Liverani put it this way in his press conference, “Spal and Cittadella are similar in terms of type of play and characteristics, I think it could be a match tactically very similar to last Sunday’s. I hope that my team will have some less difficulties thanks to an extra week of work on certain concepts.”

“It won’t be easy because there are the dynamics of every single match, you need time and also the opponents pose you different obstacles each time. The choice on how to play in attack depends on the characteristics of those who will take the field, we have been working for a few days with full ranks and it is clear that when you have the whole group available you can work in a better way and think of different tactical solutions. For now we continue on what we have started from the first days of preparation, then we will see if we can insert some further variation.”

“Rog is getting closer to having 90 minutes of autonomy, but he is not yet at the top and the same goes for Nandez. Both are capable of matches from the start because their level has risen. As for the youngsters Desogus had a small physical problem, but he was playing with continuity and was among the most on the ball, Kourfalidis is an element that between now and the end of the season will be able to have his opportunities, clearly now he has to be patient, work and be ready as soon as he is called upon. Millico. Vincenzo a few years ago was considered one of the great talents of Italian soccer, his impact here has been good and promising, he must continue to work with this attitude to challenge the coach in his choices. Walukiewicz had played the training camp at his best, with great quality, for me he is a starter who needs to grow in terms of physical fitness and self-awareness,” Liverani concluded.

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