Paolo Beltramo explains ‘Valentino Rossi trauma’: “If I had the answer…”

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Sky pundit Paolo Beltramo: “It’s not easy because Valentino Rossi has changed this world, but life goes on. Let’s hope motorcycling wins.”

Paolo Beltramo in an interview with on the sidelines of the premiere screening of the docufilm “Minimoto Revolution, The Genesis of Champions” held at the Fulgor Cinema in Rimini, also spoke about the impact of Valentino Rossi’s farewell on MotoGp, and how to come to terms with it in order to revive the interest of MotoGP: “If I had the sure answer I would sell it to Dorna (organizer of MotoGP ed.)…”

“Overcoming the trauma of Valentino Rossi here in Italy … Valentino was not only the world champion rider, he was the rider who with his personality, his way of doing things, his riding style revolutionized this world,” the journalist explained. “He made MotoGP become something more transversal. You need another character of that type there: soccer goes on after Maradona, Athletics after Bolt, life goes on and you have to look at what is there, which is interesting and fun.”

“This trauma is not only in Italy but all over the world. This lack will be felt, however, the riders are there, maybe not with that personality. Not even soccer has one with that personality. But motorcycle racing is always beautiful, fun, interesting, and we have strong Italian riders. Hopefully, motorcycling will win.”

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