Danilo Gallinari’s promise: “I will give it my all.”

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The ‘Rooster’ doesn’t go down

Already forced to watch the European Basketball Championships from his armchair at home – the very man who would certainly have been a major player in the event – Danilo Gallinari has to come to terms with the new and sad diagnosis issued regarding the injury he sustained in the 2023 World Cup qualifying match against Georgia: “rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.”

After his condition was made official directly from his new club, the Boston Celtics, the Sant’Angelo Lodigiano native entrusted Instagram with his first thoughts: “It’s been a tough week for me as I’ve known the extent of my injury. This sport means everything to me and not being able to play with the Celtics, as I had intended to do, hurts. I plan to give my all for the Celtics and my teammates in the title race. I will work tirelessly with the Celtics staff to get back on the court as soon as possible. I thank the fans, my teammates and the NBA for the support,” concluded a combative Gallinari.

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