F1 Ferrari: Mattia Binotto, first impressions of the 2023 single-seater

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Ferrari team principal Binotto is confident despite problems in recent weeks

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto after the Dutch Grand Prix stressed that the 2023 project is off to a good start, despite the problems encountered in the World Championship in recent weeks. “There is little left to develop for the F1-75, same for the cars of our rivals. In the company we are working on the car for next year, which, at the moment, has started well,” the Maranello executive explained.

“If there was something to fix from this moment there would be time to correct. That’s why it’s important for us to find solutions and react to the latest difficulties and get back to serious competition as soon as possible to have great results, because it will mean that we have found the problem that is forcing us to be underwhelming in the last Gp.”

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