Sickness in the stands, terror during Barcelona game

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Sickness in the stands, terror during Barcelona game

Moments of panic during the La Liga match between Cadiz and Barcelona: in the 80th minute, the match was suspended because a fan fell ill in the stands. The first to notice was home goalkeeper Ledesma, who called for medical intervention and personally brought the defibrillator to the stands.

Some players started praying on the field, others preferred to hide their faces with their shirts. A surreal silence fell in the stadium as the man was loaded onto the stretcher. The referee decided to send everyone to the locker room, then spoke to the two coaches and the game resumed. Fortunately, the president of Cadiz, Manuel Vizcaino, said the fan was transported alive to the hospital.

Barcelona won 4-0 thanks to goals from De Jong, Lewandowski, Ansu Fati and Dembelè. “Life comes first. Hopefully everything will end with just a big scare and nothing more. Soccer is for people’s enjoyment,” the comment of Cadiz coach Sergio Gonzalez at the end of the game.

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