Maurizio Sarri sheds light on middle finger at Verona

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Maurizio Sarri’s words

Maurizio Sarri spoke after the win over Verona: “Up front we are a bit limited this period, we are asking a lot, maybe too much, from the offensive players. We hope for an immediate return of Pedro. Right now I am more happy with the defensive solidity than with the goals scored. If we could reverse last year’s defensive trend, then scoring 75 or 80 goals would not change us that much. Solidity is the basic quality to work on.”

The Lazio coach was also immortalized with a middle finger toward the Verona bench: “Director Marroccu I have known him for many years. I got the impression that he told me to sit down, so I responded. Then we clarified and laughed over the episode. He had told me to be calm, not to sit down.”

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