Simone Inzaghi keeps Onana and Handanovic on their toes

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Simone Inzaghi keeps Onana and Handanovic on their toes

Inter will take on Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League on Tuesday: “It is a physically strong team, which we saw and studied in the two games with Qarabag and then in the one in Barcelona. It has built this entry into the Champions group stage in this stadium, it has important players in front, Chory, Mosquera, Sykora: they are important players, and then they have physicality and very fast restarts, they have shown that even in a difficult field like Barcelona,” Simone Inzaghi told a press conference.

The Nerazzurri helmsman decided to keep Onana and Handanovic on their toes: “As for the goalkeeper, I have decided but right now I don’t feel like saying it, the players don’t know yet because we have only had one training session. This morning we were able to work on video, little on the field. Tomorrow morning we will have the technical meeting and first it is right for them to know.”

“It’s an important game, we know we happened to be in the most difficult round of the whole Champions League but we want to play it. The debut was not the best, we tried but Bayern was better than us. Now we know that this match will bring us in the pitfalls, but we want to face it in the best way.”

“With four games left it is probably not decisive, however we know the importance it has and we know that ten points to pass a round you have to do it nine times out of ten. Last year we were good at getting them, this year we know that the round is more competitive however tomorrow we want to get the first points because we want to move up the standings,” Inzaghi concluded.

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