With this Dybala, José Mourinho can think big.

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“Paulo is an incredible player, he is what we were missing,” Mourinho said after the match

In Turin more than a few people are eating their hands. Even in Milan, where the Argentine could have landed after the Nerazzurri flattery that began last season, fans are not resting. A Paulo Dybala like that could have served anyone well. The former Bianconero, among the few to be saved even in the Udine rout a hearty week ago, was Roma’s absolute dragging force in Empoli. First a goalpost, after venturing into the penalty area like a real rapacious player, then the pearl shot from outside the box, a trademark since his Italian debut in Palermo.

With the team struggling in the second half to find the right opening to take back the lead after Bandinelli’s equalizer at the end of the first half, the Argentine decided to strike out on his own. He started the action from his own half to go and finish it on the beloved right out, from which he brushed a kissing assist for Tammy Abraham, who was quick to pierce the excellent Vicario.

“Paulo is an incredible player, he’s what we’ve been missing. If Abraham is less visible now, it is because in attack he has also arrived,” said the Special One at the end of the match. And how can you blame him. With such a player Roma can really think big. Waiting also for the now imminent return of Nicolò Zaniolo, back on the bench at ‘Castellani’.

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