Italbasket, Achille Polonara doesn’t get scared by France

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Polonara is not afraid of France

The national team’s big forward, in an interview with Tuttosport, spoke about Italy’s upcoming opponents at the European Basketball Championships. Italy after the stunning victory against Serbia will face France in the quarterfinals.

The Italian analyzed the team’s growth, “We are a good group that is good together and this makes the difference, we are ready to take the court with the knife between our teeth. We are not favorites and we knew it, but against Greece, Croatia and Serbia we showed we can play with everyone.”

And on the opponents he commented, “It is full of NBA and EuroLega players, we will have to pay attention to the two stars Evan Fournier and Rudy Gobert, but also to the others.”

As a weapon to beat France, Polonara singled out defense. “We all try to help each other, we change and we have to be aggressive. Pozzecco is a very emotional coach, he gives great confidence in offense where he gives us freedom. He tells us we know how to make the basket. Then he asks us for great defensive focus and commitment.”

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