Nicholas Melli recites mea culpa with teammates

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The words of Nicolo Melli

In addition to coach Pozzecco and captain Datome, Nicolò Melli also spoke in the postgame of Italy-France.

“We were not very precise in the final and I am not just referring to free throws but to several situations that we could have handled better. We wanted something more but we once again showed that we can hold up great against very strong teams. It’s really sorry to go out like this.”

Thus instead the general manager of the National Teams Sector Salvatore Trainotti: “It is difficult to speak after a painful defeat like this one but it is our duty as a Federation not to dissipate the great work done by the technical staff this summer and by these guys who have been extraordinary. As our coach said, we have a future and we have amply demonstrated it. Now is the time to capitalize on all the enthusiasm we are generating to continue to grow by involving all the components of Italian basketball to improve further and take that step forward that we still lack.”

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