Jannik Sinner, Simone Vagnozzi reveal a detail about Davis Cup.

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Vagnozzi reveals a detail about Sinner

Jannik Sinner’s coach, Simone Vagnozzi, spoke to Sky Sport microphones about the reasons for the South Tyrolean’s forfeit in the first Davis Cup match, which he won with a clear 3-0 victory over Croatia, reassuring fans about the condition of the 2001 class: “We gave Jannik an extra day to train and recover from the exertions of New York from where he arrived a little bit slumped. He will have plenty of time to be fit and ready for the next challenge.”

The Marche coach was keen to emphasize that Sinner’s absence is not related to the dross left by the overseas run at the US Open, where the Italian was eliminated by Carlos Alcaraz, later winner of the Slam: “It has nothing to do with it also because from the US Open he can take very positive cues. Let me tell you an anecdote. The night we arrived he texted me, ‘I can’t wait to get on the court, I want to play and improve.’ In the last two Slams he has lost to the two winners, but the progress can be seen and we are happy. We have to keep going like this.”

The South Tyrolean tennis player is therefore expected to take the court regularly in Italy’s next challenges, against Argentina and Sweden

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