Marco Giampaolo returns to refereeing controversy: “Team isolated”

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Marco Giampaolo returns to refereeing controversy: “Team isolated”

On the last day Sampdoria fell at home against AC Milan, and only protests (even loud ones) arose from the Blucerchiato environment regarding the referee’s actions, who sent off Marco Giampaolo. On the eve of the challenge against Spezia, the helmsman of the Dorians returned to the subject: “The thing I regret most is my expulsion and the fact that I will not be on the bench tomorrow. Then as for the things of the team, I believe that it is isolated in the sense that it works and does things well.”

The challenge against the Aquilots is worth a lot: “The match is heavy in terms of points. We worked well during the week, we did things the way they have been from the beginning. What counts are mental activations, anger, focus, personality and boldness. These are all things that make a difference. These are all things that every human being carries inside. Tomorrow the emotional aspect will be decisive. I expect the team to be able to play an ambitious game with itself.”

“Spezia is a team with its own identity. Until today it has played the same games that Samp did but has three more points because it won. We pay for the two points in the standings. Certainly Samp’s performances have been positive in large stretches that have not been matched by the results.”

“Confidence I have to earn it through results. I have to get results to earn trust, I don’t enjoy bonuses. Neither I nor any other coach. I always say that our horizon is temporal. I work to do well at Samp, because I believe in it and I enjoy coaching this team,” Giampaolo concluded.

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