Napoli, not just Osimhen: Politano also in the pits

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Not only Osimhen, former Inter player also in the pits

Bad news in the Napoli household: in addition to Victor Osimhen, who will not be seen on the field before the scheduled October 9 match against Cremonese, Matteo Politano has also stopped.

The Azzurri, who had joined Roberto Mancini’s national team after scoring a goal in the win over AC Milan, will not be available to coach Luciano Spalletti for a considerable number of matches: he could return, as well as the Nigerian striker, in the away match in Cremona, but more presumably he could be called up in the home match against Ajax on October 12.

“Matteo Politano underwent clinical examinations today that showed distraction of the right anterior peroneal astragalic ligament. The Azzurri striker, who had left the national team’s training camp, will continue his rehabilitation at the SSCN Konami Training Center,” the note from the Neapolitan club reads.

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