World Cycling Championships, Bennati made his choices for Sunday

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Bennati’s choices

After reconnaissance over the past few days, having evaluated the technical aspects, Daniele Bennati has cleared his reservations and announced the names of the Azzurri who will race the road race at the World Championships on Sunday.

Daniele Bennati’s first National team features as many as four riders making their debut at a World Championships in line: Edoardo Affini (veteran for the time trials, azzurro no. 254), Samuele Battistella (world champion in 2019 among the U23, azzurro no. 255), Nicola Conci (azzurro no. 256) and Lorenzo Rota (azzurro no. 257). Main characteristic is to be a formation that can offer different solutions. Matteo Sobrero and Filippo Zana will be the reserves.

Daniele Bennati explains the choices: “Granted that both of them must to all intents and purposes still be considered in the world championship, since there are two days left and anything can still happen, Matteo has already run two races, while Filippo has technical characteristics, of all those present, less suitable for this type of course. Zana is young with great qualities; I am sure he will have his chance at a world championship in the future.”

Regarding instead the presence of a cronoman like Affini, the Tuscan coach clarifies, “Edoardo has been working for his team captains since the beginning of the year. He has the experience and ability to do a fundamental job especially in the first 200 kilometers of the race.”

Finally, Bennati also points to the spikes: “The team will work to put Bettiol, Bagioli and Trentin in the best conditions. We don’t start as the team to beat, and this could be an advantage.”

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