Alessandro Magro: “Chemistry yet to be built.”

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Magro looks to championship

Alessandro Magro, the coach of Germani Brescia, looks forward to the championship, the start of which is now imminent, but at the same time knows that there is still much to be done.

“It was a peculiar preseason, as everyone knows because of absences we were not able to build the chemistry we expected and we will have to do it at the beginning of the championship,” he says. “I think this team has grown a lot in the last few weeks. I thank so much our young people who have given us the opportunity to train with great quality.”

“The one with Trento was a game of ups and downs, we have to learn to maintain a high level of intensity even with so many rotations, with so many changes,” Magro adds. “At times, however, we put up a very good defense and on offense we showed a good part of our potential. It was a real game, we are happy to have won it and to have conquered a tournament we cared so much about.”

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