Ferrari, Mattia Binotto bluntly on the hierarchy between Leclerc and Sainz

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Binotto clear on the number one issue within the team

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto was keen to stress that there is no number one within the Maranello-based team, which must be able to provide drivers with the same opportunities “at least at the beginning of the season.”

The Rossa executive returned to President John Elkann’s statements, clarifying to, “I think our president meant this: if we look at the current season, Charles has been faster on average than Carlos, and he has also been in pole position more often. But the goal is to win the world championship, and that applies to both drivers.”

“I think Carlos is a strong driver. He proved it last year and in previous seasons, and he is proving it again this season. He always scores a lot of points on Sunday, he learns and he is also fast. So it’s right for us as a team to give both drivers equal chances, at least at the beginning of the season,” Binotto added.

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