Ducati, Johann Zarco acknowledges the superiority of Enea Bastianini

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Pramac team rider acknowledges Bastianini’s superiority

With four races to go in the MotoGP and currently in seventh position in the riders’ standings, Johann Zarco, French rider of the Pramac Racing team, spoke in an interview with ‘Corriere dello Sport’.

“I feel good with the Pramac team, staying here is good for me and for the team. Staying here is not a wasted opportunity, the factory Ducati is focusing on young people, riders who potentially have ten career seasons ahead of them. Bagnaia and Bastianini are seven years younger than me, and I will not have these ten years: if I raced for another decade, I would reach 42 years old, only Valentino Rossi could do it,” Zarco said.

The French rider then had his say on the impending transfer of Enea Bastianini to the official Ducati team: “The choice of Bastianini was easy. Enea has won races, Martin and I have not, so it was right to bet on the Italian, who has had stratospheric results with the 2021 Desmosedici. He had a masterpiece year, winning four races. For me he is the best rider of the season, although it is true that there is not much difference between the GP21 and Bagnaia’s GP22.”

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