Ferrari, Carlos Sainz’s outburst: “Some people didn’t want me.”

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The outburst of the driver of the Maranello racing stable

In an interview with Spanish newspaper ‘As,’ Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz spoke clearly about his second season with the Rossa: “I cannot be happy, it has been a season with too many ups and downs. I can understand that after the first races, Charles Leclerc was clearly a step ahead in both qualifying and race pace. But in the middle of the season, I improved a lot. Yes, I started to get more into the fight and it was a little frustrating in a way, because when I got into the fight it seemed like some people didn’t want me there. I was criticized for not being there, and when I started being there, some people wondered what I was doing up front, letting Charles win everything. It was frustrating, especially from the press. They criticize me, but just when I was there, fighting, they don’t want me in front anymore.”

“Even Mattia Binotto and the team recognize that it is a virtue to have two strong drivers, which is one of our strengths. But it’s clear that there was a part of the people who follow Ferrari who didn’t want, or don’t want us to have two drivers at the same level,” the Spaniard continued.

“It frustrates me because the very year I had to suffer the most is the year I have a competitive car, in those first races you can imagine it was very difficult to accept psychologically. I couldn’t explain it. If I’ve never had problems adjusting and I’ve always been fast, why do I have problems when I just have a fast car that allows me to fight for the win? I was very frustrated, I was worried, and I worked on it a lot. Even so, I didn’t lose my mind and I was able to solve it,” the Ferrarista concluded, regretfully.

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