Olimpia Milano: here is the most comforting aspect for Ettore Messina

©Getty Images

The keys to victory, analyzed after the game.

Ettore Messina extols his Olimpia Milano for the 74-96 triumph over Virtus Bologna, a success he dwelt on extensively after the game. “We defended well, especially in the three-second area. We were good at not suffering the power of their longs, and on offense we found always different protagonists,” he explained.

“All of these are very important aspects, being in front all the time is also. In fact, it is by far the most comforting aspect. We always worked hard, even when things were going sea. And I am happy for the team, which has regained its self-confidence and shown its qualities,” Messina added.

Now Olimpia Milano’s goal is to confirm these good signs. “In two days we will be at Piraeus, a not easy court,” Messina recalled. “The road is long, but Davies has improved a lot, Billy Baron is showing his value and Luwawu-Cabarrot is proving to be an important graft.

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