Genoa, Alberto Gilardino categorical about Massimo Coda

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Gilardino exposes himself on Coda

Alberto Gilardino, with ‘Il Secolo XIX,’ spoke among other things about the market rumors surrounding Massimo Coda, exposing himself firsthand on the player’s role in the context of Genoa’s roster.

“For us Coda must be and is an added value and he can be at the start of the game or in the running game,” Gilardino said. “I have a strong squad, in some roles we have two players and we need everyone. Coda’s history speaks for him: he has scored many goals and in this category he makes the difference.”

“He has to work, be well physically and have will and ambition. I’m sure that in his heart he has this desire to do well so we start from positive things,” concluded the Rossoblù coach, a 2006 world champion as a player.

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