Pesaro, Stefano Cioppi asks Treviso for road.

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Pesaro-Treviso has important specific weight in Final Eight perspective

Stefano Cioppi, sports director of VL Pesaro, spoke to ‘Corriere Adriatico’ about the importance of Sunday’s challenge against Treviso, which is also important in view of the Final Eight of the Italian Cup.

“Sunday’s will be a very tough game,” Cioppi said, “as Treviso is healthy having won the last three consecutive games and in the last championship round scored 100 points against a lineup like Venice, which is considered among the great teams of this season.

“For us, the one against NutriBullet is an important game,” he added, “because after always keeping one foot in the qualification for the Final Eight of the Italian Cup in this round, we would like to put both feet in to be definitely qualified. But the win would also serve us well in terms of salvation.”

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