Jose Mourinho, sensational indiscretion about his future

©Getty Images

“Maybe Mourinho will be the new coach of the Brazilian national team.”

Engrossed in the chase for the Champions League train — despite the thrilling draw obtained in the last minute at San Siro, the Giallorossi accuse a three-point gap from Inter, currently fourth — and at the center of rumors about a possible future on the bench of the Portuguese national team, Jose Mourinho cashes in on a new rumor about what will be his next job commitment.

The sensational indiscretion is launched by Carlos Alberto, a former Brazilian player who was part of that Porto side that won the Champions League against all odds in 2004 under the Special One’s orders. “I say it directly. Maybe Mourinho will be the new coach of the Brazilian national team. This is news. He also proposed me to be his assistant,” the former footballer revealed during an episode of the Mundo GV podcast.

The ‘news’ shakes the Giallorossi world, waiting for the person concerned to comment on it in his own way. In this sense, the disqualification hanging over the head of the Portuguese coach, who served his second and final stop today, can be used as a stall waiting for a denial. Or, who knows, an incredible confirmation.

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