Ferrari, Flavio Briatore and personal judgment on Vasseur

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Briatore had his say on the new team principal of the Maranello racing stable

Former Renault executive director Flavio Briatore, who won two titles with the French team between 2005 and 2006, both in the constructors’ and drivers’ categories where the Spaniard Fernando Alonso triumphed, wanted to give his personal opinion on Ferrari’s new team principal Frederic Vasseur.

The businessman spoke this way about the Frenchman, who replaced Mattia Binotto, in charge from January 2019: “At Ferrari now there is Vasseur who is a friend, and we hope he will do well.”

“I have been back for two years in Formula 1, which now has a huge appeal because the United States is a tremendous pull, whereas before it was very difficult to get into it. Formula 1 is spectacle, we go to America and make 500 thousand, 600 thousand people,” Briatore continued in words reported by ANSA.

Finally, he spoke about the drivers, with a particular reference to Fernando Alonso, to whom he has a deep affection: “There are extraordinary and fantastic young drivers, people who communicate with the media in a different way. There are extraordinary champions like Verstappen, like Hamilton, like Russell, a group of fantastic young people. And a group of not-so-young people like Alonso who wasn’t even this physically fit when he was racing with me.”

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