Milan in trouble, Pioli blurts out in press conference

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Pioli: “There is no full belly at Milan, the criticism is exaggerated and you will see it.”

Stefano Pioli defended his AC Milan team from criticism in his press conference on the eve of the Italian Super Cup against Inter Milan in Riyadh.

The latest negative performances have raised doubts about the Italian champions, but the Rossoneri coach disagrees and shoots straight: “There is no full belly, maybe the drop is dobuto to the stop. The real Milan is not the one we saw in Lecce in the first half, we are sure. We are conceding too many goals, we need to regain compactness and defend better. But difficult moments happen and we faced them as a group.”

“This is about an important goal. The first one, the Italian Cup, we lost it and tomorrow is the second. However, the season doesn’t end tomorrow night, I think everything around us is always exaggerated. And it will be seen against Inter: what happened in the league doesn’t count for anything, it’s its own game and we want to play it. I don’t think it’s a tough moment for Milan, we are here to play for a trophy.”

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