Salernitana, Danilo Iervolino speaks out after about-face on Davide Nicola

©Getty Images

Danilo Iervolino clarifies firsthand.

After the resounding about-face on Davide Nicola, who was exonerated after the 8-2 loss to Atalanta and reinstated 36 hours later, Campania club rpesident Danilo Iervolino explained his reasons in a press conference.

“In Bergamo we lost 8-2 and it’s a boarding out of the ordinary,” began Iervolino, who has been at the head of the club for a year in his second consecutive year in the top flight. “It hadn’t happened in over 20 years. The thing that really made each of us get the idea there was something serious was the unwillingness to play soccer, we didn’t take a caution. It’s not a problem of points lost, but of eight goals conceded.”

“At 3-0 I would not have exonerated Nicola. Such an embarkation must never happen again, we are not a team that can afford not to play hard, hand-to-hand, with agonism and athleticism. Not even Real Madrid should be able to score eight goals against us.”

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