Ronaldo makes two against Messi but it’s not enough: Psg overcomes Al Nassr and Al Hilal ‘all-stars’

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Ronaldo and Messi faced each other once again.

At the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, a match of great significance was staged between Paris Saint-Germain and the ‘All Star’ formation of Al Nassr and Al Hilal. In the representative of the two rival city teams was Cristiano Ronaldo and on the other side, of course, Lionel Messi.

For the Portuguese, moreover, it was the first appearance with the new jersey and he was not found unprepared: Ronaldo first equalized on a penalty kick the Argentine rival’s own goal, after being felled by the Parisians’ extreme defender Keylor Navas, then scored his second personal goal bringing the score to 2-2, after Psg’s second advantage with Marquinhos.

In the second half, however, apart from the initial thrashing with goals by Sergio Ramos and Jang Hyun-soo, the whole difference between the two formations emerged, and despite Juan Bernat’s expulsion, Galtier’s men led 3-5. The ‘All Stars’ of Al Nassr and Al Hilal managed to halve the disadvantage in full recovery thanks to Talisca’s goal, which brought the score to 4-5.

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