Bari, Mignani blurts out: ‘Unfair red’

©Getty Images

The Galletti coach speaks after the Palermo game

Bari coach Michele Mignani spoke in a press conference after the match lost in Palermo: “Even with the bad weather conditions we played our game, but on the goal we were not very smart and lucky, then we were wrong to get nervous, we took away the opportunity to get it back.”

The many untaken chances: “Cheddira’s chance was clean, other times we didn’t kick with the right strength and precision, other times we were lackluster and hasty. The team was there, we tried to win the game. I would have been happy with a point, we didn’t bring anything home; it’s sorry when you do a good performance or – at any rate – a decent performance.”

On Cheddira’s ejection he disagrees: “I find the ejection unfair, he wanted to protect the ball and unintentionally hit the opponent. The mistake was getting cautioned the first time. We lose him, but we were without him during the World Cup and we will be without him at the next one as well.”

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