Milan also trembles over renewals: the knot over Leao’s signature

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The knot over the signing of the Portuguese

It is not only Inter Milan that is having a hard time on the renewal issue, with Milan Skriniar resisting signing a new contract. Milan is also having problems with the signing of some of the Rossoneri’s top players, one above all Rafael Leao.

The Portuguese has been offered around €7.7 million per season until 2027 and an agreement on the sum has reportedly been found. The real problem for the number 17 to decide to renew is the rescission clause: in fact, Leao is asking that it be lowered to 80 million to make it easier for other clubs to buy him while Milan would like to keep it at 150 million euros.

This is the real tangled point for the issue related to the renewal of the former Lille man, an issue that has reportedly caused a frost to fall between the two parties, as reported by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’. The lawyer of the class of 1999, Ted Dimvula, was supposed to meet with Milan representatives on Friday, January 20, but the meeting was postponed: further proof of the distance that exists at the moment.

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