Castori impressed with Parma: “It has changed from before.”

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Perugia coach: “We played our game.”

Perugia coach Fabrizio Castori spoke after the Umbrians’ defeat in Parma: “We played our game and they found two eurogoals. There is little to complain about. Losing in Parma can be expected. We did not come here submissive and we did not deserve to lose from the tactical aspect.”

The coach made a comparison with the Parma of the first leg: “In the first leg they were perhaps more imaginative, today more compact and less extemporaneous. Today much more square, Parma is a good team. It was focused and attentive, they were coming from a blowout in Bari. There was a reaction from Parma, but if they don’t find the goal extemporaneously I don’t know how it ends. A beautiful action on the first goal, we lost by two feats and the defeat must be accepted.”

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