Lewis Hamilton bullied and racially victimized at school

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Lewis Hamilton’s words

Lewis Hamilton during the On Purpose podcast returned to talk about his childhood problems, “I was already bullied when I was six years old. I was one of the few black kids in school at the time, and the older, stronger, bullying kids made fun of me most of the time.”

“When I was taking a history class and in the history they were teaching us there were no pictures of black people, I would ask, ‘Where are the people who look like me?’ The teachers would tell me, ‘You will never be anybody.’ I remember going behind the yard, in tears, and repeating to myself, ‘I will be nobody.’ The system was against me and I was swimming against the tide. But I am grateful for my past, because it is what made me the person I am today. At that time I couldn’t talk about it at home with my parents. I didn’t want my father to think I wasn’t strong.”

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