Jose Mourinho, disqualification suspended: he will be on the bench against Juventus

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Two-day disqualification temporarily suspended

Jose Mourinho will be regularly in his place on the bench at the Stadio Olimpico for Roma v Juventus on Sunday night. In fact, the Figc’s Corte Sportiva d’Appello has ruled the need to suspend the two-day disqualification, which came after the Portuguese’s expulsion during Cremonese v Roma, and reevaluate every factor that led to the first decision also in light of the emergency appeal filed by the Giallorossi club. Only after the process established by the court will a decision be made on whether to confirm or modify Mourinho’s disqualification. A process that, necessarily, will not be completed until after the match between Roma and the Bianconeri.

“The College – we read in the Court’s order, issued Saturday -, without prejudice to any assessment in ritual and on the merits, considers that the appeal is not ripe for decision, needing to deepen profiles of the matter under consideration, to date, not sufficiently explored, also because of the difficulty of acquiring elements of clarification from Mr. Serra, IV official of the match in question that, due to circumstances of time and place, was not able to ensure a fruitful hearing in compliance with the rules governing the conduct of the hearing remotely.”

“For this reason, and in light of the declared existence of a proceeding opened by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office having as its object the same facts for which the case is being tried, it turns out, therefore, to be indispensable to acquire the acts of investigation carried out thus far, starting with the depositions possibly given by the match officials,” the judges further explain. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office will have to carry out these tasks as quickly as possible and, in any case, within the term of 3 (three) days in order to allow this Court the useful continuation of the proceedings in question in compliance with the timeframe assigned by the Code of Sports Justice.”

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