Sofia Goggia points to Lindsey Vonn: “I’m dominating but…”

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Sofia Goggia spoke again after her downhill triumph

Sofia Goggia spoke to Olympics microphones after winning her fourth downhill World Cup. Her dominance has been unchallenged this season: “The first one I won by three points and it was the season of consecration between Olympic gold and World Cup, but this is the one in which I dominated.”

Azzurra wants to aim even higher and does not feel she has arrived: “I know a girl from Foppolo who beat the undisputed queen, Lindsey Vonn, the most successful woman in the history of skiing until recently. I’m dominating the discipline, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be forever unbeatable. Even eggs have something to teach chickens, as Dostoevsky wrote in White Nights. The only regret? “Too bad I missed the World Cup. I’ll make up for it.”

Sofia Goggia now has the discipline’s legends in her sights, such as Austria’s Renate Goetschl, at five specialty cups won, or even the all-around champion Lindsey Vonn, who has won eight.

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