Jasmin Repesa tough after drubbing with Brindisi: “But it’s not controversy”

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Jasmin Repesa disappointed

Jasmin Repesa, the coach of Carpegna Pesaro, at the end of the match in the press room commented on the match played at home against Happy Casa Brindisi and lost by the very heavy score of 70-100. “I feel completely responsible for this underwhelming performance within a non-positive period for us,” said the seasoned helmsman of the Marches. “I never wanted to be polemical, we moved on and now the roster in these conditions is not competitive and the responsibility is mine. This team can play as it has played at a very high level for two-three months training very well but now we are paying for a negative period. Tonight we were not a team, on this I feel responsible.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t ‘press’ the environment too much for reinforcement but I didn’t want to be controversial,” the final stoccata.

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