Moise Kean and record expulsion: Allegri heralds measures

©Getty Images

A flash expulsion, which will inevitably have consequences.

Moise Kean entered the pitch in the 90th minute of Roma-Juventus, leaving it always in the 90th minute: his kick on Gianluca Mancini’s shin in fact came just over 30 seconds into the game for him, and the red card soon after. An episode analyzed by Massimiliano Allegri in the post-match at the Stadio Olimpico, in which the Bianconeri coach also pre-announced the club’s measures towards the striker.

“Kean made a mistake, and he will take responsibility for his actions,” Allegri explained to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’, “What happened is not conceivable, he will take a big fine.

“He made a mistake, and he apologized – Allegri said instead about Kean in the interview granted to ‘DAZN’ after the match in Rome -. He had a wrong reaction and also put the team in trouble. By the way that would have been a foul in his favor, from these situations we have to learn the right lessons. He made a mistake, but he apologized. One must always learn.”

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