Moise Kean, madness in Rome: ejected after 39 seconds

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A record-breaking red card, which also generated Allegri’s incredulous reaction.

Same minute in the scorecard for the entry and expulsion: the 90th minute. This is what happened in the Roma-Juventus finale, in which Moise Kean received a straight red that was destined to get fans and probably the club talking. Indeed, the reaction of his coach, Massimiliano Allegri, upon the striker’s exit from the field is a look on the borderline between anger and resignation.

Kean had entered the field when the clock read 89:00, and Juventus was called upon to make a final assault on the pitch against Roma leading 1-0. The striker seconds later thwarted Mancini, with the two tugging at each other in pursuit of the ball. However, the Bianconeri player struck his opponent with a kick directly on the shin at 89:36 minutes. Referee Maresca then drew the red card at 89:39.

For an expulsion due to such an incident, Kean faces a disqualification of at least two days.

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