Genoa, Gilardino applauds his team: ‘This was not a foregone conclusion’

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Gilardino’s words after the poker over Cosenza

Alberto Gilardino commented in a press conference on Genoa’s bombastic success over Cosenza, beaten 4-0: “These are the matches that if you set them in the right way then the moment you unlock it everything becomes easier. In this league nothing is obvious and simple but only if we want it, with the attitudes and sacrifice, a positive result is more likely to come.”

“Everyone responded great. From the guys who scored goals, to Bani who wanted to play strongly with a problem he has been carrying for a few days. Everyone was willing to determine and when you have such a proactive roster in attitudes everything is easier,” continued the Grifone coach.

“It is crucial to defend and to be able to defend in every area of the field and kudos to everyone, not only the defensive department but also the forwards who are the first defenders. There has to be a combination of the whole team,” concluded Gilardino, on his team’s defensive solidity.

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